Torah. Transcendent.

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There is learning. And then there is learning.
Transcendent learning that elevates the soul, expands the mind, and touches deep into our hearts.

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Derech Etz Chaim, as the name implies, is committed to helping Talmidim see Torah as “Life”. To encourage them to think, and see Avodas Hashem as the focal point of who they are. To help them develop into independent thinkers, who will fearlessly ask questions and search for answers while being deeply committed to Torah growth and learning.

The Yeshiva’s smaller size offers the opportunity for close guidance of the Talmidim on a continual course of advancement that incorporates Torah as a means for individual development. Through a close Kesher (connection) with Rebbeim, coupled with a dynamic learning environment and small classes, Derech Etz Chaim lays the foundation upon which future learning will firmly stand in the years beyond Yeshiva.

Derech Etz Chaim has the Zechus of having HaGaon Harav Moshe Stav
שליט"א as a primary Rebbe in Yeshiva. Rav Stav is well known not only as a tremendous Talmid Chacham, but as a master Rebbe with hundreds of Talmidim. Now at Derech Etz Chaim, he works with an exclusive group of Talmidim who qualify for his shiur, and helps them develop a Derech HaLimud at the highest levels.

Derech Etz Chaim not only gives the opportunity for Talmidim learn at high level – but works closely together with the Talmidim to elevate them to levels they could not have achieved without attention and support.

We want our students to think and ask questions. The learning day is interwoven with Shiurim focusing on understanding the “Why” behind Mitzvos and Avodas Hashem, and encouraging our Talmidim to think about their lives and the direction in which they wish it to endure.

The connection of Talmidim to the Yeshiva does not end with their time in Israel, but continues long after through programs and distance learning and Alumni gatherings, while they continue on to college and their professions.